School and Early Childhood Service Exclusion Direction

School and Early Childhood Service Exclusion Direction

This Direction applies to children attending a school or approved early childhood service.

If a child is sick with a contagious illness, an educator or staff member must contact their parent or guardian. The parent or guardian must collect their child as soon as possible. The child is not allowed to return until they are well or not contagious.

What does this mean

From 29 March 2020 to the end of the COVID-19 emergency:

  • If a child is considered sick by a principal, teacher or staff member, they are to contact the parent or guardian and request they come to collect their child
  • The parent or guardian must collect their child as soon as possible
  • The child cannot return until the end of the contagious period or when they don’t have any signs of illness.

For full details, read the School and Early Childhood Service Exclusion Direction.

Questions and answers about this Direction

What happens if a child has COVID-19 at school or at early childhood service?

If a principal, teacher or staff member suspects a child in their care is unwell with COVID-19 (or any contagious illness) they must notify the parent or guardian.

The parent or guardian must collect the child as soon as possible. The child must not return to the school or early childhood service until they are well and the prescribed period for the contagious condition has ended.

If it is confirmed that a student has COVD-19 what will happen? i.e. will the school shut/will the class be sent home?

The Department of Education has established protocols if a confirmed case is identified. If there is a confirmed case in a school community, the school may need to temporarily close to allow time for public health authorities to conduct contact tracing. A deep cleaning will also be completed, to ensure the safety of staff and students prior to reopening.

Please note as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, plans are subject to change.

Will proof need to be provided that the child is no longer contagious before they are allowed back to class?

If you have quarantined for 14 days without any symptoms, you are free to go about your usual activities and return to school.

If you or your child develop symptoms and need to self-isolate, a healthcare provider will let you know when you are no longer infectious and can come out of isolation.

What is the penalty if the direction is not followed?

If you don’t comply you may receive an on the spot fine of $1,378, a court-imposed penalty of up to $13,785 or 6 months imprisonment.

Where can I find more information about schools?

For more information about schools for parents and careers, refer to the Department of Education’s Q&As.

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Questions and requests for exemptions

If you are seeking clarification on a Direction or have any questions, please call 134 COVID (13 42 68).

You can apply for an exemption to a Direction online.