Contact tracing — coronavirus (COVID-19)

Current contact tracing alerts

Crossroads Hotel
Casula, NSW
July 3 to July 10 inclusiveIf you visited the hotel during these times, get COVID-19 tested and isolate immediately.

Please note that public contact tracing alerts are removed after 14 days as they are no longer applicable.

Contact tracing for COVID-19

If a person gets a positive test result for COVID-19, we do what is called ‘contact tracing’. This is to prevent the virus spreading further through the community. It is the same process that we use with other contagious viruses like measles.

As part of this process, we speak to the sick person to find out who might have had close contact with them when they would have been infectious.

If there are people who had close contact with the sick person, our staff get in touch with them directly. If they start showing symptoms, we get them assessed faster and take the right action.

If we can’t find the people who had been in close contact with a person who tested positive, we will issue an alert on our website and through media and social media. This lists the dates, times and places where the sick person was. We ask the public who may have had contact with that sick person at one of those times or places to contact us.

Close contact

Close contacts are people who have had face-to-face contact with a confirmed or probable case for more than 15 minutes in total over the course of a week. For example, having three chats of five minutes each over seven days is considered 15 minutes total contact.

Close contacts are also people who have shared an enclosed space with a confirmed or probable case for more than two hours.

This contact period is counted from 48 hours before the start of the person’s symptoms.

We are not looking for people who passed the sick person on the street or in a shop, as the risk to them is extremely low.

If you have been in close contact with someone who has been confirmed having COVID-19, you need to quarantine. This is for 14 days from when you were last in contact with them. If you become unwell during that period, see a doctor immediately.