Electricity, gas, water and internet services

Internet access

Find out where you can access the internet for free, and how to get the internet at home.

Energy rebates and concessions

Pensioners, seniors, and health care card holders may be eligible for Queensland Government electricity and gas rebates. Rebates will be provided directly onto eligible bills. Eligible customers in remote communities who use pre-paid power cards will receive their rebate in power cards.

Find out more about the electricity and gas rebates and how to apply.

Help with paying your bills

Your electricity, gas, water or internet company can help you if you are having trouble paying utility bills.

Charities and community organisations can make a part-payment towards these bills. For more information, contact:

Becoming more energy efficient

Solar hot water

Installing a solar hot water system is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to save money and the environment.

Solar hot water is created when solar panels absorb the natural energy of the sun. The energy is then used (instead of normal electricity) to heat your water and reduce your electricity bill and greenhouse gas emissions.

Read about the steps to take choosing a solar hot water system.

Sustainable living programs

Many local councils have programs to help you improve energy efficiency in your home and live more sustainably. To find out what is available, visit your local council website or have a look at some of the programs listed here:

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