Sorry Business and funerals

Staying safe

Sorry Business and other cultural activities are very important. But it is more important to keep Elders — and others who are already ill — safe by following the restrictions around gatherings.

Community members should be encouraged to follow health precautions to help protect themselves and the community by practising good hygiene, self-isolation and social distancing.

If you are sick, you should not attend the funeral, as COVID-19 can spread between people very quickly.

Help is available

If you — or someone you care about — is distressed, in crisis, suicidal or needs someone to talk to, help is available.


  • 1300 MH CALL (1300 642 255) this is a confidential first point of contact to public mental health services.
  • 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) for 24 hour assessment, referral, advice, and hospital and community health centre contact details.