Native title claims

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About native title

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How to make a native title claim

It's a good idea to get legal help for your native title claim. Native title can take a long time to sort out and can be quite difficult.

If you want to try to have your native title recognised, or for more information, contact your Native Title Representative Body.

Native Title Representative Bodies (NTRBs) are organisations appointed under the Native Title Act 1993 (NTA) to assist Indigenous people with all aspects of their native title claims.

Can the government help me with my claim?

The Federal Court and High Court of Australia make decisions about native title.

When you make a native title claim with the Federal Court you are starting a legal proceeding that involves the Queensland Government.

This means the Queensland Government cannot help you with your claim as we are responsible for coordinating the state's response to native title claims.

Native title representative bodies have been established to help native title holders with their claims.

Connection reports

The Queensland Government aims to resolve claims through negotiated settlements (called consent determinations) rather than trials. We will agree to a consent determination only if you can provide evidence of your connection to the lands and waters claimed under their traditional laws and customs in accordance with s. 223 of the Native Title Act 1993.

This evidence is generally presented in a connection report.

The connection report helps us decide whether or not to proceed towards a consent determination.

How to write a connection report

In most cases  a consultant anthropologist will write a connection report. As well as a written report, you will usually provide other types of evidence such as affidavits, videos or audio recordings.

Use these guides to help you prepare a connection report.

Find out more

The National Native Title Tribunal has extensive information on native title.

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