How to get a lease

To get a lease, you must apply to the trustee of the land (for example, the local Indigenous council).

Each trustee has their own process for lease applications, so contact them before applying. You can also read about home ownership leases and other types of leases and terms available.

To apply, complete the appropriate application form and send it to the trustee.

Application forms

Aboriginal land

Torres Strait Islander land

What happens next?

If the trustee agrees to the lease, they will give you an agreement to lease. This outlines any conditions you must satisfy before the trustee will grant the lease. These could include the negotiation of an Indigenous land use agreement or survey of the land.

The agreement to lease will also state the rent and other financial considerations, as well as any conditions that must be satisfied after the grant of the lease.

Once you have met the conditions, a lease document will be prepared to be signed by you and the trustee. This is the final agreement between you and the trustee and will be used to register the lease.

Related information

Leasing manuals and other resources are available to help trustees and applicants.