Saving water at home

Pool and outdoors

As pool and spa owners, you can reduce water consumption in several ways.

  • Use a pool cover. A properly fitted pool cover can stop up to 97% of evaporation and reduce the amount of chemicals required to treat the water.
  • Check your pool for leaks. A tiny leak could result in a large amount of water loss.
  • Build your pool in an area that is shaded during the hottest parts of the day. This will reduce evaporation and help avoid the sun’s harsh rays while you swim.
  • Maintain the correct chemical balance in your pool and clean it regularly. Top up your pool with rainwater runoff.
  • When purchasing a new pool filter, look for a water efficient model. An energy efficient pump can also significantly save on energy costs. Find out more about being waterwise with your swimming pool and spa (PDF, 162KB).

Outdoor options

A few simple one-off modifications to fittings and appliances can save water on a daily basis.

  • Install a rainwater tank (PDF, 162KB) to decrease use of town water and reduce water bills
  • Use a broom to sweep outdoor areas rather than hosing them down.
  • Use a trigger hose or bucket when washing your car and try to wash it on the lawn.

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