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Outdoors and pool


You can reduce your water use by changing the way you use water outside. A few simple one-off modifications to fittings and appliances can improve water efficiency.

  • Use a trigger hose or bucket when washing your car and try to wash it on the lawn.
  • Only water lawns and gardens when needed and use a timer on your irrigation system and ensure it is set to water between 5 and 10 am.
  • Where possible, use a broom to sweep outdoor areas, or use a bucket rather than a hose.
  • Consider installing a rainwater tank (PDF, 3.4MB) for garden and outdoor use and have it plumbed to your washing machine and toilets. The benefits from a rainwater tank will be influenced by the weather patterns in your area. Read more tips on waterwise gardening.

    Pool and spa

    As pool and spa owners, you can reduce water use in several ways.

    Illustration of a backyard inground pool with pool cover over the water. There are trees around the pool and it is inside a high timber fence.
    • Use a pool cover. A properly fitted pool cover can stop up to 97% of evaporation and reduce the amount of chemicals required to treat the water.
    • Check your pool for leaks. A tiny leak could result in a large amount of water loss.
    • Shade your pool to reduce evaporation and help avoid the sun’s harsh rays while you swim.
    • Maintain the correct chemical balance in your pool and clean it regularly.
    • Top up your pool with rainwater runoff.
    • When purchasing a new pool filter, look for a water efficient model. An energy efficient pump can also significantly save on energy costs. Find out more about being waterwise with your swimming pool and spa (PDF, 162KB).

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