Saving water at home


Selecting the right washing machine is the best way to save water and energy. Choose a washing machine with a 4-star WELS Scheme rating or better; you could use up to 50% less water.

There are a number of other ways you can save water in the laundry.

  • Try not to use your washing machine every day. Instead, sort clothes and wash bigger loads less frequently.
  • Pre-treat stains to limit the need to rewash.
  • When adjusting warm water tap flow, always turn the hot water down rather than the cold water up.
  • Use small amounts of water if washing clothes by hand and reuse this water in your garden.
  • Make sure that everyone picks up and sorts the clothes they wear each day so clean clothes don’t get washed by mistake.
  • Divert grey water from your washing machine for immediate use on your garden (except vegetables).

Water saving tip

Consider using biodegradable, low-phosphorous, low-sodium and low-nitrogen detergents as they are better for the garden.

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