Harmful algae

Reporting outbreaks

A number of response agencies (state government, local governments and water storage operators) have jurisdiction over harmful algal blooms. The lead response agency depends on the type of water body and the threat posed.

Below is a summary of the agencies responsible for harmful algal bloom outbreaks:

Human health related water

Department of Health

Water bodies impacting on health of production animals

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Estuarine and marine waters

Department of Environment and Science

Within protected areas

Department of Environment and Science

Ornamental or recreational lakes, bathing reserves, foreshores and reservoirs

Local governments

Reservoirs and recreational lakes

Water storage operators

For scientific advice

Department of Environment and Science

Full details on response agencies and specific contacts can be found in the Queensland harmful algal bloom response plan and operational procedures .

In this guide:

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  2. Reporting outbreaks
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  4. Livestock and farm dams

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