Public waste and recycling facilities in Queensland

Across Queensland, local government and private industry operate a range of waste facilities designed to accept waste from everyday household, business and construction activities. Many of these waste facilities are landfills, however a growing number are facilities that provide opportunities for re-use and recycling of materials such as aluminium cans, batteries and metal.

This map identifies a range of waste facilities entered on the Queensland Government’s environmental authority register including:

  • landfills
  • transfer stations
  • metal recyclers
  • construction and demolition recyclers
  • organic processors
  • battery recyclers
  • tyre recyclers
  • paint recyclers.

Note: The facilities which accept multiple waste types can be identified through the map legend. At the time of mapping all of these facilities were open to the public.

The map will be updated on a regular basis.

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If you cannot find a facility that accepts the waste you have, contact your local government or search for an appropriate facility using another means such as the PlanetArk website:

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Map legend

  • LandfillLandfill
  • TransferTransfer
  • Metal recyclingMetal recycling
  • Construction and demolition recyclingC&D
  • Organic processingOrganic processing
  • Battery recyclingBattery recycling
  • Tyre recyclingTyre recycling
  • Construction and demolition recycling, Organic processingC&D, Organic processing
  • Construction and demolition recycling, Transfer stationC&D, Transfer station
  • Paint recyclingPaint recycling

* C&D - Construction and demolition recycling