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The Queensland Government has committed to ensuring the levy has no direct impact on households. To deliver this, councils receive annual payments to offset the costs of the waste levy calculated at 105% of household municipal solid waste disposed of in a financial year.

Councils are obliged to use the funds to offset levy costs, with any surplus funding used to encourage the progressive reduction of the disposal of waste to landfill. This assists councils to avoid passing costs to residents.

Councils have also been provided with a supplementary payment for the 2019/20 and 2020/21 financial years to offset the direct cost of the levy for most households with a council commercial waste collection service. This may include caravan parks, manufactured home parks, retirement villages, boarding houses, gated communities and rural residents.

For the small proportion of households that are not be covered by the supplementary payments to council, proprietors of eligible households can apply for assistance under the Household Waste Payment Scheme. Eligible households must have either a private commercial waste collection service, or a council commercial waste collection service where the premise is a mix of residential and commercial uses (e.g. a block of flats with shops at the bottom).

More information or to apply: Household Waste Payment Scheme.

For residents

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