Requirement for operators in the levy zone

Exemption applications

With the gazettal of the Regulation on 21 March 2019, application forms and processes are being finalised and will be published as soon as possible. More information can be found on the exempt waste  and application and forms pages.

Operators of waste disposal sites can submit applications and notifications for the following processes:

  • Due 10 June 2019 Declaration of resource recovery area (s72R, 72S) (this is 20 days prior to levy commencement)
  • Due 30 June 2019 Notification for temporary relaxation from s59 (measuring requirements) for small site (s325) (alternative methodology)
  • Due 30 June 2019 Notification for exemption from using weighbridge for stated period in stated circumstances (s322)
  • Due 30 June 2019 Material recovery facility (MRF) transitional residue exemption application (legislative deadline)

In this guide:

  1. Weighbridge requirements and measurement of waste
  2. Volumetric surveys
  3. Monthly summary data return
  4. Monthly detailed data return
  5. Record keeping
  6. Resource recovery area (RRA)
  7. Levy payment (to the state)
  8. Levy and exemptions and discounts
  9. Exemption applications

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