Queensland Waste Data System

The Queensland Waste Data System (QWDS) is a web-based system for operators to report on their waste data returns and the Annual Waste Survey. The system allows for the expanded capture of information about waste disposal and resource recovery.

QWDS provides a streamline reporting system for private and local government waste managers—replacing spreadsheets and third-party online survey sites previously used to collect data.

In addition, QWDS provides all the functionality required to transition to the system—which allows for more robust online data collection and reporting. QWDS complements measures introduced in the review of the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011 for improved reporting on waste.

All reporting entities are advised of their status and obligations when they meet the reporting requirements and are directed to register with QWDS by completing the registration forms below and forwarding them to

Registered users will be able to submit waste data online between 1 July and 31 August for the previous financial year reporting period.

Login to QWDS.

QWDS registration forms

All of the following forms can be used for new or updated entries into QWDS.

For assistance with QWDS, please email or call 13 74 68 (13 QGOV).