Brigalow Belt environmental offsets

The Queensland Government is looking for landowners in the central Brigalow Belt bioregion to become environmental offset providers (provider).

As a provider, you will be being paid for managing part of your property to restore specific environmental values that have been lost through development activities in other locations around the state.

We are looking for properties containing Poplar Box Woodlands (an ecosystem that contains particular species of eucalypt trees) to offset damage caused to this ecosystem by mining and gas projects in Central Queensland.

If you live in the central Brigalow Belt bioregion and would like to find out more about becoming a provider, please submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) by 11 October 2021.

Assessment process

Once your EOI is received, the Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA) will contact you to organise a site visit to assess if your property is suitable to deliver an offset to restore or conserve Poplar Box Woodlands.

If you are eligible, the FBA can help you develop a management plan for your property, estimate how much could be paid for conservation work and prepare an application. This assistance is provided free of charge.

More information

To contact FBA for more information or attend an information sessions, please telephone (07) 4999 2800 or send an email to

Other work in the Brigalow Belt

The Brigalow Belt bioregion is a biodiversity hotspot covering more than a fifth of Queensland. As part of the Brigalow Belt financial offsets tender project, the environmental values in this area have been mapped so that the Queensland Government can identify suitable sites for offsetting specific environmental damage caused by mining projects.

Some of the environmental values that have been targeted for offsetting previously include Coolabah, Brigalow and River Red Gum woodlands, vegetated waterways and wetlands, as well as habitat for Squatter Pigeons and Painted Snipes.