About the EIS process

Terms of reference (TOR)

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (EP Act) the terms of reference (TOR) set out the content requirements of the environmental impact statement (EIS).

The draft TOR is subject to public consultation. During the comment period, the department seeks and considers relevant advice, comment or information from anyone to ensure that their interests are addressed in the TOR. You can find more information on how to have your say on an EIS. After the public consultation process the department issues a final TOR that the proponent must address in the preparation of their EIS.

The department provides current generic TOR to a proponent as a starting point to develop a project-specific TOR. Please contact the department at to obtain the latest generic TOR document.

What happens after the TOR Process?

Once the TOR is issued, the proponent has up to two years of receiving the final TOR to develop the EIS, but this can be extended (by agreement) once during the initial period.

In this guide:

  1. Types of EIS
  2. Does my project need an EIS?
  3. Terms of reference (TOR)
  4. Developing an EIS
  5. Pre-lodgement service
  6. Applicable fees
  7. Other resources for EIS

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