Connect: services and transactions

Connect is a digital platform for online customer services and transactions, that allows you to interact with the Department of Environment and Science (DES) 24/7 making it faster and easier for businesses to get on with the job.

You (an organisation, business or individual) have the choice to do business online with DES through Connect—it is up to you to decide what works best.

Benefits of becoming a Connect customer

Fast, efficient and 24/7 access on any device to be able to:

  • manage—contact details and business and personal information online
  • apply—submit applications and pay instantly
  • access—online lodgement, annual returns and waste transport certificates

The following services are now available in Connect for you to use. More services will become available in the coming months.

If you engage with DES in relation to Environmental Authorities (EAs) you can now use Connect to:

  • submit standard applications for environmental authorities, pay and receive your permit in Connect
  • submit new site specific and variation applications and pay for these applications in Connect (via credit card)
  • submit amendment applications and pay for the application in Connect (via credit card)
  • receive your permit or amended permit via email once it has been approved
  • access your annual return and invoice, and pay your invoice in Connect
  • apply to be a Suitable Operator.

If you are involved in the transportation of trackable waste you can now use Connect to:

If you engage with DES in relation to Wildlife permits or licences you can now use Connect to apply for the following types:

  • collection authority
  • commercial wildlife licence
  • commercial wildlife harvesting licence
  • commercial wildlife licence (mobile)
  • commercial wildlife licence (wildlife interaction)
  • damage mitigation permit
  • educational purposes permit
  • flying-fox roost management permit
  • museum licence
  • permit to keep wildlife
  • protected plant clearing exemption
  • protected plant clearing permit
  • protected plant growing licence
  • protected plant harvesting licence
  • recreation wildlife harvesting licence
  • recreational wildlife licence
  • rehabilitation permit
  • scientific purposes permit
  • wildlife farming licence.

Once you have submitted and paid (if applicable) for your application, the department will assess your application. If your application is approved, your licence or permit will be emailed to you and is also accessible in Connect.

If you submit an application in Connect for one of the following, your permit or licence will be emailed to you almost straight away, following payment:

  • commercial wildlife licence—dealing in live controlled and commercial (all sub-activities)
  • recreational wildlife licence—keeping live recreational animals (standard: birds, reptiles and amphibians)
  • damage mitigation permit—removal and relocation of protected animals
  • rehabilitation permit—rehabilitate and release a protected animal (least concern species)
  • protected plan clearing exemption (exemption notification).

You will also be able to fulfil your legislative obligations by submitting wildlife movement advices online (if both parties hold a Connect issued permit) and lodging returns.

If you are involved in harvesting or dealing in macropods, you can use Connect as well. This also means that you can now order your tags through Connect and have them posted to you, or collect them from the Charleville DES office.

Once you become a user of Connect you can manage your details and keep your address and contact details up to date.

Visit the Connect page for more information.

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