Recreational wildlife licence

Your responsibilities

As the holder of a RWL you have a number of responsibilities.

Animal welfare

You are required to keep your animal in a way that protects the animal’s welfare and minimises its likelihood of escape. You should adhere to the following codes of practice:

Movement advice

You will need to obtain a movement advice or movement permit when you sell, buy, give away, or otherwise move your wildlife.

Reporting on your activity

You will also be required to keep an up-to-date record on your permit activity by maintaining a wildlife record book. You must make the record book available as when requested by an officer from the Department of Environment and Science.

Ordering record books

Each record book can be used to record details about multiple animals, however only one species of animal can be recorded per page (each page is an individual Wildlife Record Form). Multipage record books are available for purchase or you can download a single page wildlife record form.

The specific requirements for maintaining a record book can be found in the Information sheet—recreational wildlife licence (PDF, 133KB). Alternatively, you can email the Connect Help Desk or phone 1300 130 372 (Option 4).

In this guide:

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