Recreational wildlife licence

Moving wildlife

You will need to obtain a movement advice or movement permit when you sell, buy, give away, or otherwise move your wildlife.

The Information sheet—recreational wildlife licence (PDF, 133KB) provides more detailed information on:

  • moving animals
  • selling animals
  • changing your details on your licence
  • renewing your licence.

It is the responsibility of the person selling or giving away the wildlife to complete a movement advice (except when the seller is in another State, in which case it is the Queensland buyer’s responsibility).

A movement advice must be completed before the movement happens.

How do I complete a movement advice?

There are two ways to complete a movement advice—online, or by use of a paper-based form.

This wildlife movement advice tutorial provides more information about your options.

  1. Online (via the Connect licensing system)The use of a movement advice online is available, providing that both the person who is selling or giving away the wildlife and the person who buys or accepts the wildlife have had licences issued by the licensing system Connect (this means that both would be registered online to use Connect).
    If either person is not a registered with Connect, this cannot be processed using the Connect system and paper-based application must be used.

    Please note that Connect will not grant a movement advice for a proposed wildlife movement that is later than 2 business days from the date of your application.
    In order to access Connect, you will first need to register here or log in if already registered.
  2. Offline (via paper-based form)This is the long-established method to complete a movement advice. Each form contains instructions on its completion.

In this guide:

  1. How to apply
  2. Your responsibilities
  3. Moving wildlife
  4. Species licence search
  5. Frequent questions

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