Nature Conservation Animals and Plants Regulations

New online reporting requirements

Online record keeping replaces the current hardcopy movement advice requirements. Licence holders will only be required to use the online system once they move to a Standard, Specialised or Advanced licence.

The online system will provide real time data and improve the department’s ability to monitor and enforce licensing requirements.

If accessing or using the online system poses unnecessary hardship, licence holders will be able to apply to the department for an exemption to continue keeping their records in hard copy books.

Under the new licensing framework notification will be required within 72 hours of a trade event (such as a buy/sell/giveaway/accept) or other events such as the birth, death or movement of a licensed animal. Notification will be required within 24 hours of excess dangerous snakes or an excess breeding occurrence.

In this guide:

  1. New animal licensing framework
  2. New animal licence options
  3. Updates to species lists
  4. New online reporting requirements
  5. Animal breeding restrictions
  6. Changes to taking native animals from the wild
  7. New approach for keeping dangerous snakes
  8. General animal authorisations for individuals, businesses and entities
  9. Common assessment method changes
  10. Changes to other animal licences and permits

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