Nature Conservation Animals and Plants Regulations

New animal licensing framework

Commercial and recreational animal keeping licences will change from 22 August 2020. If you have or intend to keep, breed or trade a protected animal in Queensland you need to make sure you understand the new requirements.

The new framework will replace the current 11 commercial and recreational animal keeping licences with three licences — Standard, Specialised, and Advanced — to provide a clearer distinction between when breeding and trading is, and is not, permitted.

The new licensing arrangements better reflect the current state of the wildlife keeping industry and will assist wildlife keepers to understand their obligations. The new licences will be based on the number and type of animals being kept, levels of breeding and trading undertaken, and animal welfare considerations.

More information on licence options is available.

In this guide:

  1. New animal licensing framework
  2. New animal licence options
  3. Updates to species lists
  4. New online reporting requirements
  5. Animal breeding restrictions
  6. Changes to taking native animals from the wild
  7. New approach for keeping dangerous snakes
  8. General animal authorisations for individuals, businesses and entities
  9. Common assessment method changes
  10. Changes to other animal licences and permits

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