Recreational wildlife licence (obtained pre 22 August 2020)

On 22 August 2020, Recreational Wildlife Licences (RWL) were replaced with a new licensing system.

If you have an active RWL obtained before 22 August 2020, you can continue to use this until it expires, or you can choose to apply for a Native animal keeping licence. Once your active RWL expires, you will need to apply for one of the new licences.

To find out more about your existing RWL and licence responsibilities, and how to submit a movement advice please read this guide.

Please note, a recreational wildlife licence does not allow you to use the animals for commercial purposes. Visit Commercial wildlife permits and regulations for more information.

Recreational wildlife licence (obtained pre 22 August 2020)

In this guide:

  1. Your responsibilities
  2. Moving wildlife
  3. Species list

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