Review of protected animals management framework

The Nature Conservation Act 1992 and subordinate regulations are Queensland laws that safeguard our diverse range of protected animals and plants.

A new licensing framework for commercial and recreational keeping of protected animals is proposed to commence from August 2020. The framework is a result of the 2018 Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (PDF, 2.1 MB) and will simplify the current licensing system to improve business practices, conservation and biosecurity outcomes, and reduce the risks of illegal trade of native animals.

The Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (PDF, 5.2 MB) explains the new licensing framework and has been developed based on feedback from licence holders, a specialist advisory group and members of the public. The framework will be implemented through changes to the Nature Conservation Act 1992 regulations.

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Review of protected animals management framework

In this guide:

  1. New licensing framework
  2. New animal licence options
  3. Updates to species lists
  4. Licensing rules for keeping dangerous snakes
  5. Animal breeding restrictions
  6. New online reporting requirements
  7. Changes to taking native animals from the wild

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