Growing native plants

Native plants local to your area are ideal for growing in your backyard. They have beautiful flowers, colourful fruit or dense foliage, require little maintenance and can attract wildlife such as birds and butterflies.

There are native plants suitable for almost any situation, including poor soil, shade and small spaces. Your local nursery should stock plants native to your area. When planted in your yard these plants provide food and shelter for native animals which helps reduce insect pests.

Tips for planting natives

  • Plant a mixture of trees, shrubs, and ground covers (rather than the same species) or a single tree to reduce the risk of pest or disease attack.
  • Avoid using chemicals or insecticides.
  • Always seek advice on how suitable the species is for your garden, especially when planting near structures, pools or underground services.
  • Ask for advice from your local nursery, Greening Australia or the Queensland Society for Growing Australian Plants.

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