Eucalypt open-forest

Eucalypt open forest
Eucalypt open-forest
T. Ryan

Habitat type: Eucalypt open-forest

Other key words: Dry sclerophyll forest, Eucalyptus, Corymbia

Description: Eucalypt open-forests are the characteristic ‘forest with gum trees’ of the Queensland bush. The tallest trees are eucalypts and their relatives (Corymbia, Angophora, Syncarpia and Lophostemon), and several tree species may be present at any one site. The leafy canopies of these tallest trees only cover 50-80% of the sky, so these forests are usually bright and sunlit. The forest floor may be grassy or shrubby.  The shrubs that grow in these forests tend to be hard-leaved and relatively fire tolerant (i.e. they can re-sprout after fire, or have hard-coated or hard-capsuled seeds that can survive fire).

Some animals that use this habitat type: Spotted pardalote, yellow-faced honeyeater, Koala and greater glider.