Dry rainforest

Dry rainforest
Dry rainforest at Goodnight Scrub NP

Habitat type: Dry rainforest

Other key words: Rainforest, dry rainforest, scrub, vine-thicket, turkey scrub

Description: Dry rainforest often contains hoop pines and bottle trees, and these tend to grow taller than most other trees present. There are usually many different species of tree growing in the one forest, and some trees may lose their leaves for part of the year. Vines, twining or scrambling plants are common, as are prickly and thorny shrubs.

Some animals that use this habitat type: Brush turkey, black-breasted button-quail, bush stone-curlew, glossy black-cockatoo, little pied bat, eastern long-eared bat, black-striped wallaby, brush-tailed rock-wallaby and brigalow scaly-foot.