Junior Ranger program

Junior rangers

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land and sea rangers recognise the importance of educating the next generation about looking after country. Through the Junior Ranger Program they share their knowledge with school students and young people in their communities, often becoming important role models and mentors.

Rangers provide a variety of junior ranger activities in many communities across Queensland, both in the classroom and on-country. These may include classroom lessons and presentations, field excursions, camps and work experience support. Junior rangers are often included in ranger work activities such as beach clean-ups and in celebrating days of special significance such as World Ranger Day. Through these activities, young people learn about managing the natural and cultural resources in their local area, in theory and in practice. These activities also provide inspiration for learning in science, geography, SOSE, mathematics and other subjects.

For more information about the Junior Ranger Program in your local area, contact your local Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger group: Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger Program – ranger locations.

To support rangers and teachers to plan, prepare and deliver junior ranger activities, a variety of educational resources are available on the Junior Ranger Activity Tools page. These include units of work, lesson plans, worksheets, investigations, videos, interactive games and puzzles.