Fire ants

Living and working in fire ant biosecurity zones

If you live or work in a fire ant biosecurity zone, it is important that you are aware of your responsibilities when moving or storing materials that could carry fire ants.

Under the Biosecurity Act 2014, all Queenslanders have a general biosecurity obligation to take all reasonable steps to ensure that they do not spread fire ants.

You can meet your general biosecurity obligation by:

The Biosecurity Regulation 2016 prescribes procedures that you must follow when moving or storing a fire ant carrier. Find more about procedures for managing each fire ant carrier.

Further information

In this guide:

  1. Top 5 places to check for fire ants
  2. Living and working in fire ant biosecurity zones
  3. Fire ant biosecurity zones suburbs list
  4. Fire ant eradication and suppression treatment
  5. Aerial fire ant treatment
  6. Treatment of fire ant nests
  7. Fire ant treatment frequently asked questions
  8. Training and education about fire ants
  9. Fire ant biology and ecology

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