Fire ants

Training and education about fire ants

Aka the fire ant tracker with his handler at a school presentation

Aka the fire ant tracker with his handler at a school presentation

Fire ant school education program

‘Aka the Fire Ant Tracker’ is a free, 45-minute interactive presentation that addresses the effects and hazards of fire ants and inspires children to take an interest in current environmental issues.

The presentation has been seen by over 10,000 Queensland school children per year. It features an odour-detection dog named Aka and his highly-experienced dog handler, Amanda. Aka demonstrates to students how he’s been trained to find fire ants in the field, with the help of volunteers from the audience – this is always a crowd favourite!

How it works

Book a spot

We cater for 30-180 Prep to year 6 students per session on your campus, up to 2 morning presentations a day, for as many days as you need.

Cost: Nil

Take a seat

Watch a 45-minute interactive presentation with ‘Aka the fire ant tracker,’ a 4-year old Labrador and his handler, Amanda. Amanda is a fully-qualified dog handler, current blue card-holder, and has been working with the Aka program for more than 5 years.

Free resources

Each student gets a free guidebook of fire ant information and an activity book filled with fun and educational activities that can be used in class or taken home to share with family and friends. You’ll have the opportunity to take a class photo with Aka, which makes for a great newsletter piece to share with the broader school community. We can also provide newsletter text to accompany your photo.

No mess. No fuss.

We take care of setting-up and pulling-down so teachers can just focus on their students. All we require is enough space to fit the students and a 5x3m area for our presenter.

Book now

Make a booking by calling 13 25 23, or book online.

Children with Aka the fire ant tracking dog at a school presentation

Children with Aka the fire ant tracking dog at a school presentation

Feedback from teachers and principals

“Great service and excellent program to inform the community. We look forward to it every year.” Roadvale State School

“Educational, hands on and great resources. One of the best presentations we’ve ever had.” Norfolk Village State School

“An excellent presentation aimed at all levels. Even as adults we all learnt facts about the fire ants. This will help us to identify fire ants and call Biosecurity Qld.” Flagstone Creek State School

“Amanda was brilliant! All information was presented in an age appropriate manner. Amanda was a fantastic presenter and had complete control over the students who enthusiastically listened and responded when required. Ashwell State School

“The children's comments and questions indicated how well they listened and how good the presentation was.” St Matthews Catholic Primary

After watching the Aka the fire ant tracker presentation, 7 year old school student, Bailey spots a fire ant nest on the school grounds and raises the alarm.

Fire ant general awareness training

Fire ant general awareness training sessions are available for individuals and businesses that operate within fire ant biosecurity zones and deal with fire ant carriers.

In this guide:

  1. Top 5 places to check for fire ants
  2. Living and working in fire ant biosecurity zones
  3. Fire ant biosecurity zones suburbs list
  4. Fire ant eradication and suppression treatment
  5. Aerial fire ant treatment
  6. Fire ant treatment frequently asked questions
  7. Training and education about fire ants
  8. Fire ant biology and ecology

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