Small Grants for Nature Refuge Landholders

Small grants may be offered to nature refuge landholders from time to time, to undertake activities that protect and enhance the conservation values of their nature refuge. These may require an in-kind contribution from the landholder. Program requirements, including eligibility requirements, available funding amounts, timeframes and application requirements will be outlined in program guidelines.

Nature Refuge Landholder Grants

Nature Refuge Landholder Grants (NRLG) provide financial assistance to nature refuge landholders. The grants support landholders to undertake projects that will protect and enhance the significant natural values of their nature refuge, as outlined in their conservation agreement.

Participation is voluntary and projects must be completed within 12 months of signing a Grant Deed.

Reestablishment of native rainforest to improve biodiversity on Garriya Nature Refuge.
Reestablishment of a vegetation corridor on Granitica Nature Refuge.

What projects will be considered?

Projects must demonstrate a clear conservation outcome and enhance the resilience and sustainable management of the nature refuge.

Activities that will be considered for funding include:

  • control of environmental weeds to rehabilitate and/or support the ecological viability of native vegetation (including biological control methods; declared pest plants)
  • installation of fencing to restrict/exclude stock accessing ecologically significant areas (note that fencing should be constructed using best practice methodology and include a wildlife friendly design)
  • development and implementation of fire and pest animal management programs/plans
  • revegetation of degraded areas and establishment of vegetation corridors
  • other activities deemed by the assessment panel as relevant to the conservation land management of the nature refuge (e.g. fire access tracks, ecological surveys, off-stream stock watering points, erosion control, wildlife monitoring, environmental education/interpretive material).

Activities that will not be funded include those that:

  • do not demonstrate a clear environmental benefit to the nature refuge
  • are not permitted under the conservation agreement for the nature refuge
  • are a condition of a Development Approval, Rehabilitation Order or an offset requirement under a government offset policy
  • are the normal or legal responsibility of the landholder (e.g. maintenance of buildings)
  • are deemed to be landscaping for private or scenic amenity.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • be a current nature refuge landholder, as noted on the property title; and
  • make a contribution (in-kind or financial) to the proposed project activities.

It is important that all applicants consider the guidelines (PDF, 616 KB) to determine whether they are eligible to apply.

Successful applicants

In the previous Nature Refuge Landholder Grant rounds, a total of $532,528 was allocated to 90 grant recipients to support the management of nature refuges. This also included a one-off Fire Management Planning Grant round.

See details of Round 4 successful projects.