Work experience and industry placements

Learn about yourself and nature doing work experience or an industry placement with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) is sometimes able to provide work experience or industry placement opportunities for students. These placements provide valuable on-the-job experience in the discipline where students are currently studying or planning to study. Students and their educational institutions are responsible for arranging work experience or industry placements and must meet specific QPWS policy requirements. All placements are unpaid and QPWS is obliged to give preference to Australian students seeking work experience and industry placement places.

Work experience

Work experience is an arrangement made between a student's secondary school, TAFE college or university and QPWS, which aims to provide vocational experience as part of the student's education.

Students seeking a work experience placement should be aware that:

  • high school student opportunities may be limited to larger QPWS facilities.
  • TAFE and university student opportunities may be available in a range of locations, but may be limited to students over 18 years.

Industry placements

If the unpaid work placement is a curriculum requirement of the student’s course then it is an industry placement and not work experience. Enquire about placements by: