Become a Volunteer for Parks

Volunteer for Parks and get involved in a range of community partnership programs that support the work of the Queensland Parks and Wildlife (QPWS).

As a Volunteer for Parks you will undertake activities of your own free will, without payment, under the direction of the QPWS. This might involve:

  • controlling weeds, collecting seeds or planting native trees
  • helping maintain or develop tracks and other recreational facilities
  • carrying out track inspections or collecting data
  • providing information to visitors
  • taking guided walks
  • caring for and rehabilitating sick, injured or orphaned animals
  • recording or monitoring wildlife such as migratory wading birds.

Activities vary depending on when and where you are working.

If you are a student and your secondary school, TAFE college or university requires you to undertake a vocational placement you will find information on the available opportunities at Work experience and Industry Placement.

As a volunteer you will meet like-minded people and join the community of special and caring individuals who contribute directly to the protection and management of nature and Queensland’s environment.

You can:

Volunteers learn new skills while helping rangers and the environment.

Put your enthusiasm, administrative skills, trade or tertiary studies to work in support of our rangers and Queensland.

See Find a volunteer project for details of existing programs, or email

For more information on becoming a volunteer for Parks see frequently asked questions.

Technically-oriented volunteering for Parks opportunities may be available for recent TAFE and university graduates and it may be possible to organise an individual arrangement rather than joining a formal program. Email for more information.