Deciding how to deliver an environmental offset

Where it has been determined that an environmental offset is required, the environmental offsets framework provides flexibility in relation to how an environmental offset can be delivered.

A proponent with an offset requirement may deliver their environmental offset in any of the following ways:

  • Financial settlement offsets a payment made into the offsets account (note: there is no refund of money paid as a financial settlement offset. You should only make payment when the impact area is certain.)
  • Proponent-driven offsets which includes land-based offsets and/or delivery of actions in Direct Benefit Management Plan
  • combination of these approaches.

Where offset conditions specify, staged offsets can also be delivered.

Proponents interested in other strategic environmental offset tools available to assist them with the delivery of an environmental offset, please see Advanced Offsets, Direct Benefit Management Plans and Strategic Offset Investment Corridors.

Deciding how to deliver an environmental offset

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  2. Proponent driven offset
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