Recent place name decisions

Job number 17-050: Longreach

Proposal: Alter the boundary of the locality of Longreach and discontinue the localities of Vergemont, Tocal, Ernestina, Camoola, Chorregon, Maneroo and Morella.
Local government: Longreach Regional Council
Additional information: This proposal is aiming to address community concerns around confusion with addressing in the provision of services.
Decided: 11 January 2019
Attachments: Proposal plan QPN1380 (PDF, 640.4KB), Decision plan QPN1380 (PDF, 675KB)

Job number 17-057: Berrinba/Kingston/Marsden

Proposal: Alter the boundaries of Berrinba, Kingston and Marsden
Local government: Logan City
Additional information: An area of Marsden to the north of Berrinba Wetlands and adjoining the suburb boundary of Berrinba is subject to urban development and the community interest of this estate is reportedly more aligned to Berrinba.
Decided: 11 January 2019
Attachments: Proposal plan QPN1393 (PDF, 1.1MB), Decision plan QPN1393 (PDF 1.1MB)

Job number 18-092: Narragon Beach

Proposal: Change the name of Warragon Beach to Narragon Beach
Local government: Cassowary Coast Regional
Additional information: Current departmental records indicate that the name for the beach is Warragon Beach. However, Narragon Beach has been in common usage on all published local, state and commonwealth documentation and mapping since 1912. The earliest known reference to the name “Narragon” was in 1905 when the first permanent settler in the area, purportedly named his property after the local Aboriginal name for the area. Despite extensive research, the department did not locate any references to the name Warragon associated with this area.
Decided: 23 November 2018.
Attachments: Decision plan QPN1396 (PDF, 515KB)