Recent place name decisions

Job number 18-017: Mayfly Gully

Proposal: To name a tributary of Oxley Creek as Mayfly Gully
Local government: Brisbane City
Additional information: The subject gully appears to be well-known in the Oxley community and formally naming the watercourse would assist the Oxley Creek Catchment Association with planning land care maintenance projects.
Decided: 10 September 2021
Attachments: Proposal plan QPN1394 (PDF, 810KB); Decision plan QPN1394 (PDF, 394KB)

Job number 19-027: Yaraka

Proposal: To create the new locality of Yaraka (pronounced ‘Yar-rack-a’) and alter the locality boundaries of Isisford.
Local government: Longreach Regional
Additional information: This proposal addresses community concerns around confusion with addressing, provision of postal services and to reinstate historical connections.
Decided: 10 September 2021
Attachments: Proposal plan QPN1405 (PDF, 1.23MB); Decision plan QPN1405 (PDF, 1.54MB)