Recent place name decisions

Job number 18-089: Banya, Bells Creek, Corbould Park, Gagalba, Meridan Plains, Nirimba

Proposal: Alter the boundaries of Bells Creek and Meridan Plains and create the new localities of Banya, Corbould Park, Gagalba and Nirimba.
Local government: Sunshine Coast Regional
Additional information: To provide for the anticipated future growth and development within the Caloundra South Priority Development Area, the new localities will cater for property addressing of future residential growth. It is predicted the priority development area will expand over the next 30 years, providing approximately 20,000 dwellings to house a future population of 50,000 residents.
Decided: 14 June 2019.
Attachments: Proposal plan QPN1395 (PDF, 2MB), Decision plan QPN1395 (PDF, 1.3MB)