Current place name proposals

Job number 15-030: Mistake Creek, Clermont, Peak Vale, Laglan, Argyll, Frankfield

Proposal: Discontinue the name of the locality of Mistake Creek. Alter the boundaries of the localities of Clermont, Laglan, Frankfield and Peak Vale (Isaac Regional). Extend the locality of Peak Vale into Central Highlands Regional by altering the boundaries of the locality of Argyll.
Local government: Isaac Regional and Central Highlands Regional
Additional information: This proposal is aiming to address community concerns around confusion with addressing in the provision of essential services.
Proposed: 23 November 2018.
Closing date for comments: 25 January 2019.
Decided: Decision pending.
Attachments: Proposal plan QPN1392 (PDF, 1054KB)

Job number 18-017: Mayfly Creek

Proposal: To name a tributary of Oxley Creek as Mayfly Creek
Local government: Brisbane City
Additional information: The subject creek appears to be well-known in the Oxley community and formally naming the watercourse would assist the Oxley Creek Catchment Association with planning land care maintenance projects.
Proposed: 29 June 2018
Closing date for comments: 31 August 2018
Decided: Decision pending
Attachments: Proposal plan QPN1394 (PDF, 810KB)