Extended payment option for land tax

You have 2 options when paying your land tax liability.

You can:

  • pay the full amount with a single payment by the due date shown on the assessment notice
  • use the extended payment option (EPO) to make 3 equal payments 45, 90 and 150 days after the date of the assessment notice. The specific due dates for each payment are stated in your assessment notice and cannot be changed without cancelling your EPO.

Interest does not apply to the EPO (unless your second or third instalment is late).

You need to register a separate EPO arrangement for each financial year’s assessment.

Qualifying for an EPO

To qualify for an EPO, you must:

  1. register online within 35 days
  2. nominate a bank account to pay by direct debit.

1. Register within 35 days

You can register for the EPO at QRO Online within 35 days of the issue date of your assessment notice. If you try to register after the 35-day deadline, the EPO option will not be available. If you don’t have an QRO Online account yet, follow these steps to set one up.

  1. Log in and select:
    • My land under My portfolio for your personal land tax account
    • View accounts for another person, company or trust.
  2. Select Payments from the side menu.
  3. Select Request for extended payment option (EPO).
  4. Choose the bank account you want to use to make payment. If you haven’t added a bank account yet, select Add bank.
  5. Select Request EPO.

You’ll know your EPO is approved when you see Payment plan in your QRO Online account.

QRO Online will help you track your EPO payments. Select Payments, then View details (beneath the Payments due heading) to see amounts and due dates. If you do not register within the 35-day deadline, you must pay the full amount by the due date on the assessment notice (90 days after the issue date).

2. Nominate a bank account to pay by direct debit

The EPO is only available if you pay by direct debit.

Amounts you pay using another method will be considered ‘part-payments’ and not EPO payments. In those situations, regardless of the amount of the part-payment, unpaid tax interest (UTI) on outstanding amounts will begin to accrue on the 91st day from the date of the assessment notice.

Instalment amounts will be debited from your nominated bank account. Once you have nominated an account, it cannot be changed unless you tell us in writing at least 7 days before the date on which you wish the changes to take effect.

Find out how to set up a direct debit.


There are a few conditions that you will need to know when registering for the EPO.

Sufficient funds

If there are not enough cleared funds in your account on any of the instalment dates, the EPO will be cancelled.

The table below sets out the new due date and amount payable, and the day unpaid tax interest (UTI) will start to accrue if you miss a payment.

Instalment missedNew amount payable New due date Start date for UTI

1st instalment

Full amount

90th day

91st day

2nd instalment

2nd and 3rd instalment amounts

90th day

91st day

3rd instalment

3rd instalment

90th day

91st day


Your land tax can be reassessed at any time during the period you are making EPO payments, in which case your EPO instalments may change.

If the reassessment is:

  • 30 days or more before your next instalment is due—the amount of your remaining instalments may be adjusted for the reassessment
  • less than 30 days before your next instalment due date—the next instalment will be the same, but subsequent payments will be adjusted
  • issued after the EPO is finished—you will receive either:
    • a refund
    • a new assessment notice with 30 days to pay any additional amounts (the EPO will not be available for this notice).

We will notify you if this happens.

Early payments

Even if you elect to pay using the EPO, you can still pay the full amount or outstanding balance at any time. Once your payment is received, the EPO will be cancelled automatically.

You do not get a discount for choosing to make 1 payment, or paying early.

Payment errors

If a payment fails and your EPO is cancelled because of an error on our part, you can call us to have the EPO reinstated. This does not include situations where you have provided incorrect bank details, or do not have sufficient funds at the time of the scheduled instalment dates.