State land application forms and fees

All changes to land dealings must be made on the relevant application form and sent to us for processing.

To avoid processing delays, read the forms carefully and include all required information. Make sure you include the prescribed fee. If you need help, read the guide or contact your nearest business centre.

State land forms

Form number Application type Download form Fee per title reference
LA00 Part A – Contact and Land DetailLA00 (PDF, 311KB) 
LA01 Conversion of leaseLA01 (PDF, 382KB)

fee 33918

LA02 Renewal of leaseLA02 (PDF, 310KB)

fee 33917

LA03 Permit to occupyLA03 (PDF, 300KB)

fee 33923

LA04 Consent to transferLA04 (PDF, 1.3MB)

fee 33930

LA05 Subdivision of a leaseLA05 (PDF, 247KB)

fee 33921

LA06 Amalgamation of a leaseLA06 (PDF, 238KB)

fee 33922

LA07 Absolute surrender of a lease, licence or permit to occupyLA07 (PDF, 277KB) no fee
LA08 Owners consent to a development applicationLA08 (PDF, 322KB) no fee
LA09 Amendment to the description of a leaseLA09 (PDF, 225KB)

fee 33932

LA10 Purchase or lease state landLA10 (PDF, 307KB)

fee 33913

fee 36834

LA11 Easement over state landLA11 (PDF, 241KB)

fee 33980

LA12 Allocate or purchase a reservation in titleLA12 (PDF, 230KB)

fee 33905

LA13 Change of purpose of a lease and/or conditions of a lease, licence or permit to occupyLA13 (PDF, 233KB)

fee 33914

LA14 Internal review of an original decisionLA14 (PDF, 258KB)

fee 33983

LA15 Reduction of rent or instalment (residential leases only)LA15 (PDF, 264KB) no fee
LA17 Dedicate state land as roadLA17 (PDF, 242KB)

fee 33908

LA18 Road closureLA18 (PDF, 261KB)

fee 33909

LA19 Road licenceLA19 (PDF, 255KB)

fee 33911

LA20 Simultaneous road closure and openingLA20 (PDF, 244KB)

fee 33912

LA21 Exchange of landLA21 (PDF, 254KB)

fee 33904

LA23 Continuation of a public utility easementLA23 (PDF, 125KB)

fee 33981

LA24 Deferral of rent or instalmentLA24 (PDF, 689KB) no fee
LA26 Deed of grant over an operational reserveLA26 (PDF, 60KB) no fee
LA27 Trustee leaseLA27 (PDF, 432KB) no fee
LA28 Approval of a subleaseLA28 (PDF, 601KB)

fee 33931

LA30 Part C - Statement in relation to an application under the Land Act LA30 (PDF, 255KB) 
LA31 Application for an extension of a rolling term leaseLA31 (PDF, 292KB)Fee 36654
LA32 Part D – Apiary checklist for permit to occupyLA32 (PDF, 165KB) 

Other land applications

The following applications do not require a prescribed form. Please read the guide for information on how to apply.

Land Court forms

Form number Application type Download form More information
2 Notice of appeal to the Land Court Form 2Guide
12 Application for stay of an original decision under the Land Act 1994 (General application) Form 12 (DOC, 53KB)Guide