Choosing the appropriate clearing option

Your first step in identifying clearing requirements is to obtain a property report and maps.

These are free and can be requested online.

The report and maps will help you determine which of the following options applies to your proposed clearing activity.

Exempt clearing work

A range of routine property management activities don’t require approvals or notifications under vegetation management legislation.

Accepted development clearing codes

These apply to a range of low-risk clearing activities such as fodder harvesting and weed control.

If you use a code, you’ll need to notify us before starting to clear then follow the conditions and practices listed in the code.

Area management plans (AMPs)

AMPs are generally used to manage issues not addressed by an accepted development vegetation clearing code. They can also provide for a coordinated regional approach to a clearing activity (e.g. weed control) rather than a property by property approach.

AMPs relate to particular vegetation categories and regional ecosystems. You can request a property report covering your property to obtain this information.

If your proposed clearing is covered by an AMP, you’ll need to notify us before starting to clear then follow the conditions listed in the AMP.

Development approvals

If other options aren’t available, you might be able to apply for a development approval for operational works, material change of use or reconfiguring a lot.

Contact us

If you have any doubt or wish to discuss options, contact us.