Accepted development vegetation clearing codes

Step 4 – Notify us before clearing

You must notify us before you start to clear under an accepted development vegetation clearing code. You can notify us online, or using a hard-copy form.

Before going ahead with your clearing, check with your local government for any planning requirements. Other local, state and federal government laws might also apply.

In particular, you may need to check requirements for protected plants, koala protections and state forestry interests.

Do not start any clearing until you’ve received an email or letter from us confirming your notification.

Who can submit a notification

If you’re a landholder undertaking your own work, you can notify us yourself or have someone notify us on your behalf (with your written consent to do so).

If you are making a notification to clear over someone else’s land, you need the landholder’s consent to enter, access and undertake clearing on their land.

Information required for your notification

When you notify us, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • lot on plan of the land (from a rates notice, or the address checker)
  • tenure of the property (i.e. freehold, leasehold or other)
  • area to be cleared
    • for online notifications, you can draw the area using the online mapping tool, attach a scan of a map, or provide GPS coordinates
    • for hard-copy notifications, attach a map or provide GPS coordinates
  • the area (in hectares) to be cleared (the online mapping tool will measure area for you)
  • regional ecosystem/s in which the clearing is proposed (from the property report).

How to submit your notification

You can notify us by either completing the online notification form or downloading a hard-copy version of the form and lodging it at one of our business centres.

Online notification form

Note: Not all clearing activities can be notified online. You will need to submit a hard-copy notification if you are clearing on a road or in a boundary watercourse under the codes for managing weeds, clearing for infrastructure, clearing for an extractive industry or necessary environmental clearing.

Online notification form

If you have any questions about completing the online notification form, you can watch our video below or contact us.

Online notification form for vegetation clearing

Duration 15:32

Printable notification forms

To submit a hard-copy notification form, download and print the relevant form below. You can lodge the completed notification form in person or by mail to any of our business centres. There is no lodgement fee.

Wait for confirmation

If you’ve notified us online, you should receive confirmation by email shortly after. If you completed a hard-copy form, we will confirm receipt by email or post.

Do not start any clearing until you’ve received confirmation of your notification.

If you don’t receive a confirmation, please contact us.

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  4. Step 4 – Notify us before clearing
  5. Step 5 – Code compliance and recordkeeping

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