Area management plans

AMPs provide an alternative approval system for vegetation clearing under the Vegetation Management Act 1999. They are generally used to manage issues not addressed by an accepted development vegetation clearing code.

They can also provide for a coordinated regional approach to a clearing activity (e.g. weed control) rather than a property-by-property approach.

AMPs list the purposes and clearing conditions that have been approved for the areas covered by the plan.

AMPs relate to particular vegetation categories and regional ecosystems. You can request a property report covering your property to obtain this information.

An AMP under the Vegetation Management Act 1999 has no bearing on the requirements for a flora survey and/or clearing permit under the protected plants legislative framework, which may still be required.

Clearing under an AMP

To clear under an AMP, you must notify us before clearing starts using the Area management clearing notification form (PDF, 98.5KB). There is no fee for lodging an AMP notification. You must then follow the conditions listed in the AMP. We may audit your property to monitor compliance, so you should keep records of any clearing activity.

Current AMPs

To see if your property is affected by an AMP, refer to the following maps and plans.

Apiary infrastructure

Burnett and Kolan River catchments necessary environmental clearing

Desert Channels weeds of national significance

Dry Tropics weeds

Amending an AMP

If you need to amend an AMP, you should contact us to discuss the information required. Minor changes are permitted; however, more substantial changes may require a new application.

New AMPs

AMPs may be made for single areas or contiguous areas and are suitable for large areas with similar vegetation management issues (e.g. regional council areas). Plans can be approved for a period of 10 years. If you require information about how new applications for an AMP are considered, please contact us for more details.

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