About the climate change response

Queensland’s climate is changing.

We are already experiencing hotter summers, more frequent natural disasters and impacts on our natural environment (such as coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef).

These changes pose a threat to our economy, our communities, our environment and our way of life.

A global economic transition is underway as countries around the world move to reduce pollutants and adopt low carbon alternatives.

We are committed to playing our part in the global effort to address the impacts of climate change and ensure the long-term viability of our economy, communities and industries.

The shift is being driven by the Paris Agreement, which aims to reduce worldwide global warming to well below two degrees Celsius and as close to 1.5°C as possible. This can only be achieved by low carbon solutions being adopted worldwide.

Climate action requires everyone to play their part, so we can minimise the risks and harness the opportunities.

We are leading the way and working closely with business and industry, local councils and regional communities to understand, adapt and transition.

Queensland climate change response

The Queensland climate change response includes two key strategies.

Government initiatives and action

Queensland is taking action and working towards an ambitious target of achieving zero net emissions by 2050. We are supporting and building the resilience of regional economies and communities as we face the impacts of a changing climate, including more extreme weather events and a changing global economy. Across all sectors of Queensland’s economy, a range of government commitments, programs and initiatives are in place to support better outcomes for Queenslanders.

Find out more about Queensland Government initiatives and actions to support the state’s Climate Change Response including key targets, programs and sustainability measures for government operations.

National and international engagement

Queensland is actively engaged in programs at both the national and international level.

Queensland Climate Advisory Council

The Queensland Climate Advisory Council provides strategic, high-level advice to us, on maximising opportunities for a just move towards a low-carbon economy and improving readiness of communities and industries for the impacts of climate change.