Climate action resources for communities

As part of its Climate Change Response, the Queensland Government is committed to supporting community action on climate change as the state transitions to a zero net emissions economy and adapts to the impacts of a changing climate.

The transition to a resilient low-carbon economy brings many opportunities for Queensland communities.

Every community is different which is why the Queensland Government is taking a place-based approach to help communities build resilience and improve their capacity of Queenslanders to respond climate change.

Communities and community groups have an important role to play in taking climate action to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for Queensland.

Actions you can take

Below are some actions your community can take.

  • Understand how climate change impacts will affect your community/region.
  • Reduce your organisation/community group’s carbon footprint by reducing your energy and water usage.
  • Explore options to become a zero carbon community.
  • Find out what your local council is doing to manage climate change impacts.
  • Share your climate action experiences and stories with others.
  • Encourage others in your network to adopt sustainable behaviours.
  • Check with your local council about how you can get involved in sustainability and climate change projects and initiatives in your local area.

The resources list below provides useful information and tools to help you take action.


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