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The Land Restoration Fund is helping Queenslanders turn carbon into income while restoring our soils and vegetation.

The fund will expand carbon farming in Queensland by supporting land management projects that not only keep carbon in the ground, but also deliver positive impacts or ‘co-benefits’ for our environment and communities.

This initiative means we are restoring our unique natural environment, protecting it for the future and offering benefits for all Queenslanders.

It will allow farmers, land holders and land managers to earn cash while they spread risk and diversify production, strengthening their future on the land.

Generous support and financial incentives will also be accessible from day one to cover pre-application and set up costs.

The fund covers a wide range of carbon farming activities that are suited to all local areas of Queensland – from the monsoonal north to the dry savanna.

The fund will target and pay for projects that provide additional benefits beyond carbon income.

For the environment, the fund will invest in projects that improve the health of coastal and wetland ecosystems, including the Great Barrier Reef.

And that support biodiversity and habitat for threatened species through reforestation or restoration.

For our regions, the fund will improve the resilience and strength of communities by supporting projects that retain and create jobs and economic opportunities. It will also support traditional land management practices.

And for Queensland, the Fund will make a vital contribution to reducing our emissions, restoring our land, creating regional jobs and building a more resilient future.

It’s how the Land Restoration Fund is helping Queensland turn carbon into income – and opportunity.

2023 Investment Round 3

Information on the Land Restoration Fund Investment Round 3. Applications now open.

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How co-benefits are generated, verified and valued.

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Information on projects contracted through LRF investment rounds.

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