Sector adaptation planning

A key objective of the Queensland Climate Adaptation Strategy (Q-CAS) 2017–2030 (PDF, 2 MB) is to foster greater collaboration between sector leaders, government agencies, local governments and other stakeholders to identify adaptation needs and opportunities and prioritise next steps.

To achieve this, the Queensland Government is supporting sectors to develop Sector Adaptation Plans and implement priority actions through the Sector Adaptation Planning Plus (SAP+) program.

Sector Adaptation Plans

Seven Sector Adaptation Plans have been collaboratively developed with stakeholders. They encourage knowledge sharing and consideration of cross-cutting climate issues, provide information on climate risk and opportunities within and across communities, and prioritise adaptation activities. The seven Sector Adaptation Plans are:

Sector Adaptation Plans Plus (SAP+) program

The Queensland Government is investing almost $700,000 in the SAP+ Program to implement a number of priority actions identified in the Sector Adaptation Plans.

Funding has been allocated to seven high-priority, co-designed collaborative projects, which aim to inform and build adaptive capacity across Queensland’s sectors, regions and communities.