Collaborating with councils

The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) and the Queensland Government have established a partnership to support local governments to plan for and respond to climate change.

Queensland Climate Resilient Councils is a five-year program working with local governments to strengthen internal council decision-making processes to respond to a changing climate.

The program will ensure:

  • the barriers to local government incorporation of climate change considerations and responses in core decision-making are understood
  • local governments have access to tested, accurate, appropriately targeted and fit-for-purpose information, as well as templates and documents enabling timely and effective local climate change decision-making
  • local governments participating in detailed governance assessments are supported to incorporate climate change considerations in statutory and corporate documents, systems and processes
  • testing the preparation of climate strategies that will be included in local government climate risk management framework.

By adopting a risked based approach, we can adapt to a changing climate and still enjoy our lifestyle and stay safe.

There is a lot we can all do mitigate the impacts of global warming, and local governments can lead and support their communities and local business to forward plan.

Find out more at the QCRC website.