Managing climate risk in government

Queensland Climate Ready is a two-year program to strengthen institutional climate risk management within the Queensland Government. The program will support the implementation of the government adaptation action plan - Managing Climate Risk: Actions for Queensland Government, which aims for a whole-of-government climate risk management approach to policies and processes, investments, services and actions.

Developing the action plan is a commitment under the under the Queensland Climate Change Response.

The program ensures that the Queensland Government:

  • has a strong understanding across its agencies of climate risks and capacity to manage these risks
  • has a commonly agreed and understood framework to deal with climate risks in a coordinated way across government
  • has demonstrated clear and effective action on priority climate risks
  • is accessing and utilising the best available knowledge, skills and resources to address climate risks in Queensland.

Our approach

The Queensland Climate Ready program focuses on:

  • building awareness and understanding of climate change risks within government departments
  • co-designing solutions with government departments to generate ownership, ensure sustainability of investment, and build collaboration
  • encouraging and facilitating a whole-of-government response to climate change risk identification and management
  • delivering an innovative fit for purpose approach to strengthen institutional climate risk management within the government.


The program comprises academics and professionals from Griffith University’s Policy Innovation Hub and Griffith University’s Climate Response Program, specialising in public policy analysis and climate change adaptation and mitigation.