Recognised programs

What is a recognised accreditation program under the new regulations?

The new regulations provide the opportunity for third party programs such as industry Best Management Practice (BMP) programs or like programs to voluntarily become recognised accreditation programs.

What is the benefit of becoming an accredited producer?

All regulated agricultural producers are required to meet the minimum practice agricultural standards regardless of whether or not they are accredited against a recognised program.

Producers who are accredited under a recognised program will be deemed to have met the minimum practice agricultural standards under the regulations through an industry supported pathway.

Producers accredited against a recognised program will not be the focus of compliance activities.

Are existing BMP accredited producers compliant with the new regulations?

Producers who are involved in an existing industry BMP should confirm with the program owner that the program has or will be recognised under the new regulations.

It is up to the program provider to apply for program recognition and producers should contact their program provider to find out more.

Despite the absence of the Grazing BMP, the Queensland Government will acknowledge graziers that achieved accreditation under the former Grazing BMP. These graziers will be considered as a low compliance risk for five years from 1 December 2019.

In addition, the Queensland Government will acknowledge graziers participating in the Grazing Resilience and Sustainable Solutions (GRASS) Program as a low priority for compliance visits for the duration of their involvement in this program.

Accredited producers under the former Grazing BMP program are encouraged to contact the GRASS Program at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (13 25 23), regional NRMs or visit the Support programs and tools for graziers page.