Banana support programs

Across industry, and the Queensland and Australian governments, there are a number of programs and support tools that help banana growers adopt improved farming practices. The Queensland Government is also continuing to invest in science projects that improve our understanding of the issues facing the Reef and develop tools to support banana growers to undertake the most appropriate management practices to suit their specific conditions.

Farming in Catchments Rebate Scheme

The Farming in Reef Catchments Rebate Scheme provides rebates of up to $1000 to eligible banana growers to help offset the costs of obtaining professional and agronomic advice from an Accredited Agricultural Adviser.

Best Management Practice program

The Banana BMP program is focused on supporting banana growers in Reef catchments and is a practical and proven way to improve grower knowledge and water quality outcomes for the Reef.

Phase 1 of the Banana BMP project was delivered by the Australian Banana Growers’ Council with a focus on Banana BMP extension and grower record keeping with the development and extension of the BetterBunch app.

Phase 2 of the project provides help and extension to banana growers about farming practices that have water quality and biosecurity benefits.

The program is receiving an additional $1 million from the Queensland Government for incentives and on-ground extension, providing opportunity for banana growers in high-priority areas, primarily in the Wet Tropics and Cape York regions, to undertake actions that will reduce sediment and nutrient run-off. This includes implementing works such as sediment basins, contour banks, waterway/drainage upgrades or constructed wetlands.

For more information, visit Australian Banana Growers’ Council.

Extension services

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries offers a range of extension services to support banana growers to adopt better business and farming practices.