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Neighbourhood safer places

Neighbourhood safer places (NSP)

An NSP is a local open space or building where people can gather as a last resort to seek shelter from a bushfire. Its purpose is to save lives in a bushfire, but it does not guarantee safety in all circumstances.

Find your local NSP. (Not all areas have a designated NSP).

You may need to go to an NSP when:

  • your bushfire survival plan has failed
  • your home cannot withstand the fire and is not a safe place to shelter
  • the fire has escalated to an 'extreme' or 'catastrophic' level and relocation is your safest option.

NSPs should only be considered as a last resort as they:

  • may not have firefighters present (they may be fighting the fire front elsewhere)
  • do not cater for animals or pets
  • do not provide meals or amenities
  • may not provide shelter from the elements, particularly flying embers
  • may not cater for people with special needs.

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Last updated
27 July, 2016

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