Illegal fireworks

Fireworks can only be bought, stored, transported and used by trained and licensed professionals. It has been illegal since 1972 for the general public in Queensland to possess or use fireworks.

Illegally sold fireworks are usually cheap imports of low quality—with high danger to unsuspecting, untrained and unauthorised buyers.

Illegal fireworks have caused serious injuries to children, adults, animals and property. You should be extremely wary of illegal supplies and avoid any areas where they are being used.

Possession of fireworks by unlicensed persons can incur a penalty. The penalty can be a fine of up to 400 penalty points (over $53,000 as at July 2020) or 6 months imprisonment.

If you are responsible for the loss or injury of an animal through your illegal use of fireworks, you may be held liable and accountable.

You should report information on illegal fireworks activities to the Explosives Inspectorate or to the police.

Always hire a trained and licensed professional for fireworks displays. Refer to the list of fireworks contractors.

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