About fireworks

This section provides information about the safe and legal use of fireworks in the community, including planning a fireworks display, on locating a licensed fireworks contractor, a list of upcoming fireworks displays and the dangers of illegal fireworks.

Types of fireworks

Categories of fireworks include unrestricted fireworks, display fireworks, close proximity fireworks, special effects fireworks and strings of firecrackers. Fireworks that were once used by Queenslanders on ‘cracker night’ have been prohibited since 1972.

Unrestricted fireworks

  • may be bought by the general public through retail outlets
  • include sparklers, bonbons, streamer cones and caps for toy guns
  • do not require a licence.

Display fireworks

  • are intended for use in outdoor public displays such as fetes, shows and other major events and include:
    • strings of crackers used during Chinese New Year celebrations
    • ground level fireworks which primarily function from ground level and may project burning stars and other effects (e.g. mines, roman candles and fountains)
    • aerial fireworks designed to be fired from a mortar into the air where they burst (e.g. star shells and salute shells).
  • may only be used by licensed professionals.

Close proximity fireworks

  • are used in venues such as theatres or concert halls
  • may only be used by licensed professionals.

Special effects fireworks

  • are designed to produce a specific effect (e.g. a flash, sound or smoke for theatrical productions)
  • may only be used by licensed professionals.

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